[ANDROID] Panda Free Antivirus and Security

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Panda Mobile Security, the free antivirus for Android developed by Panda Security, protects your smartphone or tablet against viruses, malware and spyware. In addition, it protects user privacy by blocking those applications that access confidential data without permission. And now, you can use it from your Android Wear™ smartwatch as well!
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Panda Security's free antivirus provides complete protection against viruses, spyware and any other type of malware that attempts to access your Android device.
Today, attacks on privacy and phone and tablet theft are increasingly common. That’s why Panda Mobile Security also helps block any malicious application installed on your device, or locate the thief that stole your device thanks to its anti-theft feature.
Our free antivirus includes the following:
App features:
• Antivirus in real-time: Panda Mobile Security automatically analyzes every application that you download before you use them. The antivirus controls the applications that are installed and updated.
• You can also run on-demand scans to detect viruses, spyware or malware on files or multimedia content. And now you can scan your smartphone or tablet right from your smartwatch as well!
• SD card scanning: Scan any SD card on your Android device with our antivirus.
Privacy Auditor
The privacy auditor analyzes and shows those who have access to the application (access to contacts, bank account, photos, location, etc.) that are installed on your Android™.
Speed up your device
You can recover your stolen or lost device with the GPS location system:
• Remotely locate your phone in real-time.
• Remotely block your phone: prevent strangers from using your phone or accessing your personal information.
• Remote wipe: Delete all information stored on your phone or tablet if it’s lost or stolen to prevent anyone from accessing your confidential details on the device or the SD memory card.
Not even the best antivirus solution can prevent phone theft or loss. In these situations, the phone’s antitheft and location features can prevent your device from falling into the wrong hands.
You can also locate and block your phone remotely from your smartwatch
Pro features
• Theft alerts: If someone steals your phone or tablet, you can get a photo of the thief after three failed attempts to unlock the device. The photo will be sent to you via email along with the device location.
•Application Control: Blocks access to your apps (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.) using a PIN code. This will protect your privacy and your family from prying eyes...
• Motion alert: An alarm will warn you if someone picks up your device without your permission.
• Connect your smartwatch to your phone or tablet: An alarm will go off if your device moves too far away from your watch.
• Remote alarm: Trigger an alarm on your lost or stolen device remotely from your smartwatch.
• Remote photo: Take a photo with your device remotely from your Android Wear™ smartwatch.

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